Gujarat elections 2017: 1,444 candidates lost their deposits

Close to 80% of the candidates who contested in the Gujarat Assembly elections lost their deposits, an analysis of the detailed election results shows.

According to officials, 1,828 candidates had contested from the 182 Assembly seats, the results of which were declared on Monday. The BJP won 99 seats, its lowest tally in the last six elections, while Congress won 77 seats. Of the remaining six seats, three went to independents, one was won by the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and two by the Chhotu Vasava-led Bhartiya Tribal Party (BTP).

Of the 1,828 candidates, 1,444 or almost 80% of the total candidates lost their deposits. “The 1,444 candidates were the ones who got less than one-sixth of the total votes polled in their respective constituency, and hence their deposits would be forfeited,” said a senior official.

The number of candidates who will close their deposits in the current elections is the highest in the state since 1995, when 2,127 out of 2,545 contesting candidates had met the similar fate. In the elections before that, i.e. in 1990, 1,461 out of 1,889 candidates had lost their deposit.

The analysis shows that most of the candidates who forfeited their deposits were either independents or from smaller parties such as BSP, AAP, NCP, and others. None of the Congress or BJP candidates lost their deposits, the analysis shows

In 172 out of the 182 seats, all candidates barring the winner and loser failed to win less than one-sixth of the total votes. In the remaining 10 seats, the third placed candidates also secured more than 16.66% votes, and hence their deposits would not be forfeited.

The 10 seats where the second runners-up secured more than one-sixth of the votes are Sanand, Kapadvanj, Lunawada, Vaghodia, Sayajiganj, Tharad, Kheralu, Mahuva, Mandvi (ST) and Umreth.