Around 10 lakh voters to vote for first time for Gujarat assembly poll 2017

As per the election commission of Gujarat the enrolment drive which was conducted for Gujarat assembly election 2017 added around 9.67 first time voters to electoral roll. This list of first-time-voters includes over 4,900 septuagenarians (persons in their 70s)and octogenarians (persons in their 80s) who will exercise their franchise for the first time next year.

β€œIn the special enrolment drive conducted during September-October, 2016, the Election Commission received 9.67 lakh applications (Form-6) from first-time voters. This includes applications from 3,979 persons who are in the age group of 70-79 years and an additional 956 voters who are octogenarians (80-plus age group) and will be voting for the first time in the 2017 assembly elections,” said B B Swain, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Gujarat.

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Of the total 4.2 crore voters in the state, the 18-19 age group form only 1.33 percent of the total voters in the state. Though the EC estimates that there are about 24.5 lakh voters in the 18-19 age groups β€” based on the Census 2011 data β€” the names of only 3.71 lakh figure on the electoral rolls.

These numbers are significant keeping the election in mind. The young generation make or break the candidates. So this time political parties have to pay serious attention to these first time voters to bag maximum amount of votes.

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